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Simply  remove  the  4 pin connector from your ELV unit. Plug the connector onto the emulator and start the car.

Problematic ELV modules are a thing of the past! 

• Works with E60, E87, E90 and similar. 

• Emulates ELV (steering lock module). 

• "Plug  and  Play"  -  no additional programming necessary.  In some cases must clear CAS error memory and counters  with  diagnostic  tool.  If  connected correctly orange LED  (located  on  emulator  board)   must  blink  when  CAS  is  accessing ELV (lock and unlock commands etc).


1. Make sure steering wheel is unlocked and car starts (if not then reset CAS counter) 

2. Remove the 4 wire connector from the steering wheel column 

3. Identify the location of the number 1 wire from the wiring harness connector or the steering  column connector 

4. Plug the connector from your wiring harness (4 wire black connector) into the Emulator so  pin 1 from your harness is mated with pin 1 on the emulator. 

5. It’s best to secure the connector so it can’t come loose and make sure it has good contact  with your wiring harness – Best to solder in place!


BMW ELV emulator manual