BN013 – FEM/BDC Manager

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The BN013 license allows performing key programming procedures (adding a spare key and ALL KEYS LOST) on ALL F-Series BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce vehicles, equipped with CAS4 (by OBDII) or FEM/BDC (by dump). Key programming for bikes (adding a spare key and ALL KEYS LOST) with EWS4 is also supported. In addition, BN013 allows you to reset the mileage in CAS4 or FEM/BDC, virgin (reset) of CAS4 or FEM/BDC, and adapt CAS4 or FEM/BDC units.

Main functionality:

  • Key learning for F-Series with CAS4 (by OBDII) or FEM/BDC module (by dump)
  • Virgin (reset) of CAS4 and FEM/BDC
  • Adapt CAS4 and FEM/BDC
  • Mileage reset in CAS4 and FEM/BDC

Supported vehicles:

  • ALL F-Series (BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce)
  • BMW bikes

In order to perform the procedures, you will need the ZN002 PROTAG or ZN003 PROTAG and the ZN030 ABPROG Programmer.
AVDI and active AMS are required to use this license.