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EIS/ESL Testing tools - our new device designed for on-bench testing of EZS (EIS), ESL (ELV). Tool is designed with ESL Emulator hidden inside and it has automatic switch - it can either read ESL or switch into  emulation mode. You can test both old (Motorola based EZS) and new (NEC based) ignition locks without the car - just connect them with special set of cables. This tool replaces previous devices: EIS cables set, ESL emulator, W204/207/212 and W221/215/164 testing cables.

The set contains main device with built-in emulator and special cables set that consists of individual cables:

  • 202/208/210
  • 221/164/251
  • 220
  • 906 sprinter
  • 204/207/212
  • 203/639
  • 209/211/220
  • power 12 V clips