Gerda pick decoder - Tytan ZX models

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Locksmith Gerda pick decoder kit for opening and decoding all Gerda Tytan ZX locks. Those locks are really hard to unlock without damage! Anti pick pins, anti bumping, drill resistant they have one of the best security levels. Their key is difficult to reproduce – you need a special key cut machine for this.

The lock contains 16 pins in 4 rows, any pin can have 4 depths. As you see the code combinations are over a million and this excludes the use of random keys to unlock it.

With our locksmith tool you can unlock these specific locks!

A few indications of what we use to decode these locks. The most important indication is the white pin, it is always coded 1. The rest of the code pins  – 2, 3 and 4 are easily visually identified by their differences..

The Gerda pick decoder comes with a visual scope, set up key, pins and other devices necessary to finish the opening procedure.

This method is NON DISRUPTIVE – we use direct visual pro decoder !

The time for applying the decoding procedure is 10 – 15 minutes.

Thanks to our SET UP key the user can open and lock those GERDA’S  as many times as necessary.