MAGIC Bench Connect EVO Lite

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Magic Bench Connect EVO Lite is a device that allows you to connect it to modules on bench in order to test their functionality. Other items in the package can be connected to this device to extend the functionality.


  • Test modules on bench
  • Basic vehicle diagnostic tests
  • Read/Reset ECU/W204 ELV/Gearbox/ISM/DSM
  • Testing EIS and ELV on bench (Optional)
  • Test dashboard functionality (Optional)


Numbers on the list of contents are referred to the numbers of the stickers on products for easier understanding of the device.

Contents of the product:

  1. Magic Bench Connect EVO Lite
  2. Smart Bench Right and Left cables
  3. OBD Y cable
  4. Magic Eraser cable
  5. Universal Adapter for Magic Bench Connect EVO
  6. Power Cable for Magic Bench Connect EVO

Click here to download manual.