MB Keymaker Pro

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MB Key Maker PRO is a new version of well know tool MB KeyMaker.

Available in two styles. Choose one before ordering.

We had developed and added new functions into that tool, so now it can also:

  • All keys lost - Add new key (with PCF 7936 transponder) DODGE/ FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER
  • All keys lost - Add new key (with GMT46 transponder) DODGE/ FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER with Hitag2 transponder
  • At least one key - Copy of existing transponder (use of GMT46 transponder) DODGE/ FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER

It can also COPY any PCF7936 transponder in offline mode (no need for any Internet connection)!!!

We have left all previous features:

PCF7935 - Mercedes-Benz ML vehicles (model W163) transponder
PCF 7935 - W202 (1993-2000), W210 (1995-2001), W140 (1991-1998), W463 (1998-2004) with 210 820 32 26 immobiliser
PCF7935 - W168 (1998-2004), W170 (1998-2004), W414 (2002-2005) with 168 820 04 26 immobiliser

 Package includes:

  • MB Keymaker Pro hardware
  • Dodge Sprinter software
  • ML Keymaker software
  • MB PCF Keymaker software


Download software


Download GMT46 Add new key manual

Download GMT46 Copy existing key manual

Download PCF 3936 Add new key manual


Watch "Make new key ML W163 (All keys lost)" Videomanual

Watch "Add new key ML W163 (At least one key)" Videomanual

Watch "Writing PCF 7935 transponder" Videomanual

Watch "Copying of existing transponder GMT46" Videomanual

Watch "Add new key GMT46" Videomanual

Watch "Add new key PCF 7936" Videomanual

Download ML Keymaker manual:

Click here to download PDF manual