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Set of hardware and software allowing to program IR keys in Mercedes-Benz cars (cars equipped with ignition lock/EZS with Motorola processor, manufactured between 1997-2008). This tool allows also to program keys through IR port (with an payable update) and with one can  use NEC PCB to read/erase/write NEC processors (processors being used in IR Mercedes-Benz keys).

There�s possible communication through K-line with steering locks and ignition locks (models like 202, 210 and other), it allows also to program NEC processors. 

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Set contains:

- MB Keyprog-2 ver. 1.5

- NEC_key programmer v.10.60

- MB Keyprog Lite ver. 2.11

- MB Key Restorer 2.0

- NEC PCB board

- ESL cables

- DLC 38 pin cable

- OBD2 cablesMB

- USB security key

- USB type B cable

- access to web server (lifetime access, only 5 calculations per day)