MBPROG - Update from Basic to Full

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You can update your MBprog basic to full version. Full version of MBprog allows to work with Motorola MAC and HC series (7242, 7241, 7116, HC05 and HC11), with Infineon (XC2361), with Micronas (CD3297, CD3217), with Freescale (MPC5604), with SGS Thompson (SPC560P), with Renesas (R32C and M32C), with NEC (V850), with ST10 and Fujitsu MB series.


Supported Motorola MCU list.


Detailed list of covered processors with masks:

MAC7116: Read EE, Read/Write Flash, Erase

MAC7241: Read All, Read/Write EE, Read/Write FLASH I, Read/Write FLASH II, Read/Write Shadow

MAC7442: Read All, Read/Write EE, Read/Write FLASH, Read/Write Shadow



SPC560P5L5 64 kb Data FLASH

SPC560P5L5 521 kb FLASH

SPC560P5L5 16 kb Shadow

SPC560P5L5 16 kb Test

















HC05x32 Read/Write EEprom

HC05B Read/Write EEprom

HC11A8/E EEprom Read/Write

HC11EA9 EEprom Read/Write

HC11F1 EEprom Read/Write

HC11K/KA/PA EEprom Read/Write

HC11PA8 EEprom Read/Write

HC11PH8 EEprom Read/Write

R5F64219 Flash Read/Write

R5F64xxx EEprom Read/Write

R5F64xxx Data Flash Read/Write

R5F64524 Flash Read/Write

R5F64525 Flash Read/Write

M30833FJ Flash Read/Write

M30835FJ Flash Read/Write

M30853FW Flash Read/Write

M30853FH Flash Read/Write

M30853FJ Flash Read/Write

M30855FW Flash Read/Write

M30855FH Flash Read/Write

M30855FJ Flash Read/Write

M30880FW Flash Read/Write

M30880FH Flash Read/Write

M30880FJ Flash Read/Write

M30882FW Flash Read/Write

M30882FH Flash Read/Write

M30882FJ Flash Read/Write

M30835FJ EEprom Read/Write

ST10F168 256k Read/Write Flash

ST10F269 256k Read/Write Flash

ST10F275 832k Read/Write Flash

ST10F276 832k Read/Write Flash

ST10F280 512k Read/Write Flash

MB90Fxxx 16LX

MB91Fxxx 32FR

MB96Fxxx 16FX


Set contains:

JG0001 Micronasa CDC 3272,3297,3217
JG0002+JG0004+JG0005 MAC 7242,7241,7116
JG0003 XC2361
JG0006+JG0007 HC/HCS/HCSX12 No Security,Security
JG0008+JG0023 HC08
JG0009 MPC56xx/SPC560
JG0011 CR16
JG0012 MC9S12XEP 5M48H Sec
JG0014 NEC V850
JG0015 Renesas R32C
JG0016 Motorola HC11
JG0017 Motorola HC05
JG0018 Renesas M32C
JG0019 SGS ST10
JG0020 Fujitsu MB9x
JG0021 Fujitsu MB91F06x
JG0022 NEC V850 70F35xx
JG0024 SPC56A
JG0025 RH850 Family
JG0026 Renesas RL78
JG0027 Tricore TC2xx
JG0028 MCU Texas TMS 570
JG0029 Renesas R8C
JG0030 TC2xx
JG0031 TMS370 PLC28, PLCC44, PLCC68
JG0032 CEM Volvo (MC68376+28F400)
JG0034 Spansion S6J30xx
JG0035 MPC564x, MPC567x
JG0036 MPC55xx


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