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The Full Mercedes-Benz cars package includes the MN030 and MN032 licenses. Below you can see what each one of them covers as functionalities.


MN032 is a world leader in terms of Mercedes-Benz vehicles module replacement, key and remote programming, both for new and used control units for all vehicles up to, and including FBS3 generation. 

Supported Models:

  • W202/W208/W210
  • W203/W209/W211/W219
  • W168/W245
  • W220/W215/R230
  • W204/W207/W212/W218
  • W221/W216/W251/W164/X164
  • W169/W246/W117
  • W166/X166

Module replacement

  • Service password reading
  • Read/Save/Update FBS Data
  • Transfer FBS Data to a replacement unit
  • Make each DAS/FBS module virgin, personalise and activate it
  • Read/Save/Update Coding (the only way to avoid online SCN coding)
  • Transfer Coding to a replacement unit

Supported Modules are all DAS related modules

  • ECUs
  • TCUs (7G-Tronic)
  • ISM
  • DSM

Key programming:

  • Easily extract the EZS/EIS key password
  • Program Infra Red keys to DAS2/DAS3 (FBS2/FBS3)
  • Enable and disable key positions

Other features:


FBS4 cars


  • - Reset of FBS4 Engine control units to virgin state
  • - Read the personalization data from a FBS4 ECU and saving it to a file for future use
  • - Program personalization data from a previously saved file to a FBS4 ECU
  • - FBS4 ECU Activation

Currently supported ECUs (produced until MY2020): 

  • - CR40 (EDC17C43)
  • - CR41 (EDC17C66) 
  • - CR42 (EDC17CP46) 
  • - CR43 (EDC17CP60)  
  • - CR6 (EDC17CP10) 
  • - CR60 (EDC17CP46)
  • - CR61 (EDC17CP57)
  • - MED40 (MED17.7.1 and MED17.7.2)
  • - MED177 (MED17.7.3, MED17.7.5, MED17.7.8)
  • - CRD3
  • - CRD3H
  • - CRD3S2 

VGS-NAG2 FBS4 Transmission control units are also supported for renewal.

Additional and required tools:

The MN030 is the latest development dedicated to odometer calibration and module replacement by OBDII for dashboards of FBS4 vehicles equipped with IC213 or IC222 dashboard

Main functionalities:

  • Blocks synchronisation between the Instrument Cluster and the EZS (for models with IC213)
  • Allows successful mileage calibration
  • Allows modules replacement (dashboard) - Make virgin and Adapt
  • Different retrofit options like update from analogue to digital dials
  • Supported models:

  • W213
  • W205
  • W222
  • W217
  • W238
  • W253
  • W257
  • W463
  • W447 (with IC213)
  • related models
  • Models with dashboard IC222 (require emulator*)

    *EM008/EM009/EM014 is used for w205 and w222 (both before facelift)

    An AVDI interface with a valid AMS subscription are required for the purchase and use of this package.