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Powerful software tool, in cloud, offering possibility to calculate files for programming Mercedes-Benz keys in a few minutes. Process cannot be any easier, as you simply upload file that you had read from ignition and server will send calculated files into your email account. Using this system will keep the original configuration of the bin-file of the EIS(EZS),so in the future if a new key is ordered from the dealer,you can be sure that this key will work without any problems! You also receive files that allows you to write them into NEC or MOTOROLA processors (with use of NEC PCB or EEPROM programmer) and also into special keys developed by MBE (BE keys).

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Vehicles covered by that software are:

A-class:   169 series                                              

B-class:  245 series

C-class:  202 and 203 series

CLC-class: 203

CLK-class: 208 and 209

E-class: 210 and 211 

CLS-class: 219                                                        

S-class: 220 and 240

CL-class: 215

SL-class: 230

SLR-class: 199

SLK-class: 171                                              

M-class: 164

G-class: 463



GL-class: 164


R-class: 251


Also for all kinds of VITO, VIANO, VANEO, SPRINTER and VARIO series!

N.B:including cars with the new 7-Gearbox technology!