[MI007] PIN and Key Manager

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The key programming function currently works by utilizing CAN-BUS interface. Keys can be programmed when the pin code of the vehicle is known. The Mitsubishi diagnostics has a database of default pin codes. The pin code can be changed with the Mitsubishi diagnostics. If the pin code is changed - next time when a key is programmed the new pin code should be used.

Currently ALL VEHICLES based on the CAN-BUS protocol (2005+) are supported for key learning, including the latest 2017 models. This includes both key programming with and without a working key (ALL KEYS LOST) as well as the following functionality and manipulations of the Immobilizer module of the vehicles:

- Key registration - for vehicles that use a regular key
- Key registration (simplified) - for vehicles with ALL KEYS LOST or when the PIN Code is unknown
- Remote control registration
- KOS key registration - registration of smart keys for vehicles with Keyless Operation (Immo) Systems
- Key registration by ID - registration  of a key by its (chip) ID
- Change PIN - change the Immobilizer System PIN Code
- Key code and VIN Number registration to ECU - matching of the Engine Control Unit and Immobilizer module key codes as well as matching of the Immobilizer VIN to the ECU VIN
- Steering Lock Unit registration - allows the customer to adapt the steering lock unit with the immobilizer system of the vehicle
- Use .PWF file for key registration -  The customer would need to download a security application file (.PWF) from the Mitsubishi site, generated by providing the VIN (.PWF files need to be purchased separately). 
- Reset immobilizer to factory state - Allows the customer to perform a factory-state reset of the immobilizer module. NB! After the procedure is complete, the immobilizer will require adaptation to the ECU as well as key programming. (Available for some KOS systems - for example Outlander 2014+, Attrage/Mirage 2014+)
- Remote Control Reception Check - check remote control function by pressing lock/unlock buttons

NEW 2017+ support list:

"OUTLANDER" -2006 - 2018"OUTLANDER PHEV" -2013 - 2019"ASX/OUTLANDER/RVR" -2011 - 2018"MIRAGE" -2012 - 2018"MIRAGE G4" -2017 - 2018"ATTRAGE/MIRAGE" -2014 - 2019"SPACE STAR" 2013 - 2019"CHALLENGER/PAJERO/MONTERO SPORT" -2009 - 2016"PAJERO/MONTERO SPORT" - 2016 - 2018"RVR" -2011 - 2018"EK" -2014 - 2018"MINICAB-MiEV VN" -2012 - 2017"MINICAB-MiEV TK" -2013 - 2016"EK SPACE" -2014 - 2018"XPANDER" -2018 - 2019"ENDEVOR" -2006 - 2011"GALANT" -2006 - 2012"ECLIPSE" -2006 - 2012"ECLIPSE SPY" -2007 - 2012"TRITON/L200" -2006 - 2015"TRITON/L200/STRADA" -2015 - 2018"LANCER  SP" -2009 - 2017"LANCER" -2008 - 2017"380" -2006"i" -2006 - 2013"ZINGER/FUZION" -2006 - 2015"i-MiEV" -2009 - 2017"DELICA D:5" -2007 - 2017"GALANT/EVO" -2008 - 2015"FORTIS SPORT" -2009 - 2015


 Note:The Mitsubishi Simplified Key registration requires the use of a ZN002 PROTAG programmer.

 New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.