[MI006] PIN and Key Manager

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The key programming function currently works by utilizing CAN-BUS interface. Soon we will provide support for  vehicles with K-Line interface. Keys can be programmed when the pin code of the vehicle is known. The Mitsubishi diagnostics has a database of default pin codes. The pin code can be changed with the Mitsubishi diagnostics. If the pin code is changed - next time when a key is programmed the new pin code should be used.

Supported vehicles for key learning by OBDII:

L200 (2006-2011) Eclipse (2006-2011)
L200 Hunter (2011+) Galant (2006-2011)
Mitsubishi 380 (2006-2009) Endeavor (2006-2011)
Mitsubishi Challenger (2009-2012) Lancer (2007-2011)
Hunter (2007-2011) Outlander (2007-2011)
Pajero (2006-2011) Colt (2006-2011)
Grandis (2006-2011) Raider (2005-2009)
Shogun (2006-2011) ASX (2011-2013)
Montero (2006-2011) Triton (2006-2011)

New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.