ML AAM + EAM Bench Adapters Set - Key programming + remote key testing

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ML AAM Bench Adapter is a revolutionary device that allows you to do testing work with your ML AAM 1997 - 2000 and program key (with MB KEYMAKER PRO device).

It allows you to program the remote key with transponder PCF 7935 and test remote key functionality - remote synchronization, removing start error with keeping the original remote functions and status.

ML AAM Bench Adapter is compatible with Star Diagnosis (OEM Mercedes Diagnostics) to do the module testing and programming.

ML EAM Bench Adapter allows you to repair start error and program key for ML AAM 2000 - 2005.

It is not possible to test remote synchronization, because EAM module is not designed to work with key remotes.


Both devices are capable to work with ML Dodge Keymaker, ML MB Keymaker, Star Diagnosis (OEM Mercedes Diagnostics).