[MN021] TV; ECU; Airbag Manager

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This function allows the user to read and update the flash and configuration memory of the following ECUs: Siemens SID, EDC15, EDC16, Smart EDC15C5. It also allows a service list update, TV and AUX on/off configuration for the following models - S class (W220), SL/CL (2004), E class (211), CLS, CLK, S class (W221 up to 06/2007), Seatbelt warning shut-off (this special function allows you to completely disable the seatbelt warning - both the visual indication via a telltale in the instrument cluster and the sound, which you can hear when the car is moving and you haven't put your seatbelt on). You can also enable these warnings, if for some reason they have been deactivated: speed warning for Gulf States, reverse warning. This special function also gives you the ability to clear stored crash data and read/write memory of electronic control units by OBDII. Supported units are:

  • Bosch 1997-2009
  • Temic 1995-2009

It is also possible to unlock and lock to a vehicle, as well as erase the operating hours in Airbag control units, which store this information.

New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.