NEC KEY PROGRAMMER V.10.65 - Software Update

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MBE Mercedes NEC Key Programmer update to software v.10.65 adds two extra features to your software;

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- pre-programming of keys for W212 Mercedes-Benz vehicles; with the use of IR port you can read key data: key number, SSID, hash, password of W212 keys by yourself;



- usage of BE keys and adds BE soft tools to your software; with the use of IR port in your MB Key Prog you can read/write/erase BE keys (no need to solder/ desolder processor)



In order to update to NEC Key Programmer 10.65 you need to have one of the following:



- NEC KEY PROGRAMMER V.10.60 - Hardware + Software Basic




-NEC KEY PROGRAMMER V.10.61/V. 10.62