[PN018] PIN Manager

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PN0018 is on the front line in the aftermarket solutions for key and remote control programming for the Peugeot/ Citroën vehicle range. Abrites diagnostics for Peugeot/ Citroën always manages to be one step ahead in terms of PIN code reading and key/ remote control programming in these vehicles making the PN018 an absolute leader in this field.
With this special function you can read PIN codes from the BSI module. Supported models are all CAN and UDS protocol models which includes almost all models produced after 2004.
Support for Delphi UDS BSI 2016+ included.

This function can be used independently.

Supported models for PIN code reading : 



206 (1,4 HDI, 2.0 HDI)*
306 (2.0 HDI)*
307 (2.0 HDI)*
307 2005+
208 2012+
2008 2013+
301 2012+
308 II
406 (2.0 HDI)*
607 2006+
807 2006+
Expert II
Partner (2.0 HDI)*
Ranch (2.0 HDI)*
Partner 2008+
Citroen C3 2013
Citroen Jumpy 2016+
Toyota ProAce 2016+
Lancia Phedra 2008+


C3 (1.4 HDI)*
C3 2006+
C4 Picasso
C5 (2.0 HDI)*
C5 2004+
C5 II 2007+
C8 2007+
Jumpy II
Xsara (2.0 HDI)*
Xsara Picasso (2.0 HDI)*
Saxo (1.4 HDI)*
Berlingo (2.0 HDI)*
Berlingo 2008+
Xantia (2.0 HDI)*
Picasso (2.0 HDI)*
C-Elysee 2012+
Peugeot Expert 2016
Citroen C3 Picasso 2013
Citroen C3 Aircross 2013+

- Support for Delphi UDS BSI 2016+ (used in various models for example: C3 III, C4 II Picasso 2016+, Peugeot 3008 II, Peugeot  5008 II, DS7 etc.) - read PIN, odometer correction with disabling dashboard synchronization, ID change, skip time wait mode when learning a new key, clear Faults Log

- Improved PIN reading in general when Auto Detect is selected

- Improved PIN reading of Valeo UDS BSI 2015+

- Improved support for JCI CAN BSI 2015+ in Peugeot 3008 and Peugeot 5008

- Improved support for BSI Exchange for CAN BSI Valeo, UDS VDO and UDS Valeo

- Added support for UDS Continental Telematic unit - standard diagnostics and ID change

- Added option to make BSI virgin by setting no PIN

The key learning function can be used only if the PIN code is already known. If the read security code operation was previously completed correctly, the key learning procedure can take the already retrieved PIN code, otherwise you will have to enter the PIN code manually.

- Improved support for Continental UDS BSI 2015+

N.B. Please note that you will require an AVDI interface with an active AMS in order to use this special function. Absolutely no tokens required.