RR024 - Module renewal

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RR024 is an update of the RR014 special function and allows module renewal and adaptation of BCM (body control module) and HFM (hands-free module) with a known PIN code, as well as changing the ID of these modules for Renault vehicles.
This special function also allows clearing of crash data and changing ID of Continental and Veoneer Airbags for specific Renault/Dacia models.

Main functionalities:

  • Renew/adapt BCM and HFM
  • Change ID of BCM and HFM
  • Clear crash data/change ID Airbag (Continental and Veoneer)
  • Change ID ABS

Supported models:

  • Clio V/Captur II/New Zoe/Megane IV Ph2 (and others) for BCM and HFM-related functionalities
  • Clio V/Captur II/Dacia Sandero III (and others) for Airbag-related functionalities

Note that you will require the CB012 cable set in order to perform these procedures.
AVDI and active AMS are needed to purchase this special function.
Please, refer to the Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia Online when carrying out all the procedures.