SB001 - Subaru Key learning and smart system reset

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SB001 is a license which allows key programming and smart system reset for Subaru vehicles by OBD, no disassembly required. With SB001 you will be able to program H type (DST AES) mechanical, bladed keys and keys for the latest model Subarus. It allows the following:

  • Keyless and mechanical key programming
  • Spare key and ALL KEYS LOST key programming
  • Deleting keys
  • Checking actual key count
  • Smart system reset
  • New and used ECU (ECM) and Smart ECM adaptation

Supported models include:

  • Third generation (1998–2004) – BE, BH
  • Fourth generation (2003–2009) – BL, BP
  • Fifth generation (2009–2014) – BM, BR
  • Sixth generation (2014–2019) – BN, BS
  • First generation – late OBD cars (GM, GC, GF; since 1999)
  • Second generation (GD, GG; 2000)
  • Third generation (GE, GV, GH, GR; 2007)
  • Fourth generation (GJ, GP; 2011)
  • Fifth generation (GK, GT; 2016)
  • WRX/LEVORG (Including B TYPE KEY)
  • First generation (VM; 2014)
  • FORESTER (Including B TYPE KEY)
  • First generation late OBD cars (SF; since 1999)
  • Second generation (SG; 2002)
  • Third generation (SH; 2008)
  • Fourth generation (SJ; 2012)
  • BRZ (Including B TYPE KEY) - First generation (2012- 2020)

An AVDI and active AMS is required to purchase this special function. The ZN002 PROTAG Programmer can be required for key programming procedures.