Software module 109 – BMW bikes engine ECU Bosch

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BMW bikes engine ECU are 2 types – BMSK and BMSX:
For BMSKP ECU – keys are stored in ECU.
Memory device is flash chip ST M58BW0160 – 80 pin PQFP package.
Expected file size is 2097152 bytes.
Reading is thru BDM100 interface or with flash programmer.
For BMSX ECU – to see where keys are stored you must check what is on ignition barrel.
If there is IMMOBOX UNIT – keys are stored in this unit.To make key you need software 191.
If there is KEY READER UNIT – keys are stored in ECU.
Memory device is TRICORE MCU eeprom area.
Expected file size is 65536 bytes.
Use PCF7936 or Silca T14 – JMA TP12 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start bike.
Vehicles equipped with this unit:
BMW: F800, R1200GS, K1600GT