Software module 145

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Module helps you to copy Philips Crypto 2 (HITAG2, ID46, TP12) keys onto JMA TPX3/4 – Errebi TX4/TX4SA transponders.
For performing cloning procedure YOU NEED VEHICLE TO BE WITH YOU, not only key.
IMPORTANT NOTE: you need JMA TPH cloner or 46 decoder for to work with this software.
TPH cloner needs to be connected to PC COM port (or thru USB-COM converter, if your PC doesn`t have pure COM port) thru simple convertor cable.Convertor cable is MANDATORY!Cable, that comes with TMPro box IS NOT for connecting JMA TPH cloner to PC.If cloner has 2 COM ports, connect cloner to PC use LEFT port of TPH cloner.You CAN`T USE USB port of cloner to connect it to PC, USB port is for software upgrade of TPH cloner.Cloner also needs 12v supply for to work, “plus” is in the center of connector.If you want to connect in one chain both TPH and TPX cloners, using convertor cable connect TPH cloner to PC and connect TPX cloner to right port of TPH cloner.Cable between TPH and TPX cloner no need converter.