Software module 20 – Opel IMMO2 immobox Siemens

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Memory device is Texas Instrument MCU TMS370C702 PLCC28 package or Motorola MCU HC908AB16A QFP64 package.
Motorola is locked, password for reading eeprom area is F3-B1-F3-AB-F3-A5-F3-9F.
Expected file size is 256 bytes.
Use PCF7935 or Silca T15 – JMA TP14 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start the vehicle.
Vehicles equipped with this unit:
Opel: Agila, Astra G, Combo C, Corsa C, Meriva, Omega(1999-), Sintra(1999-), Tigra, Vectra B(1999-), Zafira