VL004 - Key learning HITAG 2 PCF7945/7953 type for 2008+ cars

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This function is for key learning for Volvo vehicles with HITAG 2 type of keys for 2008+ cars
In addition to that we are now able to perform reset of VOLVO HITAG 2 keys using ABPROG.
The following CEM modules have been tested and confirmed for the moment:
- 6G9T-14c256- - Delphi
- 7G9T-14c256- - Delphi
- AG9T-14c256- - Delphi
- BG9T-14c256- - Delphi
- CG9T-14c256- - Delphi

New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.